Healthy Food Made Easy Programme

The Healthy Food Made Easy programme delivers nutrition and cookery courses that help people to have a healthier diet, plan meals on a budget and make meals that are quick, easy to cook and nutritious.
The programme content is based on evidence based healthy eating guidelines from the HSE and the Department of Health.

The aims of the programme are:

To encourage healthy eating
To help people improve their nutrition knowledge and eating behaviour
To show people how to make healthy, nutritious and economical food choices for themselves and their families
To reduce diet-related illness from preventable diseases 

What can I expect from taking part in this programme?

You can expect to:

  • Get an understanding of the different nutrients in food and how to incorporate them into a balanced diet
  • Understand portion sizes using the food pyramid
  • Understand how to read food labels
  • Plan to shop on a budget
  • Learn how to cook simple, delicious meals
  • Get a handbook with the information and recipes used on the course 

How do I take part in this programme?

Raheen Family Resource Centres offers the Healthy Food Made Easy Programme on a confidential one-to-one basis within you own home and also offers the Healthy Food Made Easy Programme as a group programme within the community.

If you would like more information on this programme please ring 051 442888