What parents need to provide

Parents Need to Provide….


Nappies and creams

We ask parents to provide these for babies up to Toddler age group before they are toilet trained.  To ensure your child can be kept clean and dry, please ensure that you supply adequate nappies and wipes for each day/week. If your child needs nappy cream, please supply this. Creams must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Shoes, Clothes and Dressing for the Weather

Please ensure there is also a change of clothes for your child, should they have an accident or get a little wet playing in the water. We ask that parents dress children appropriately for weather for the purposes of outdoor play. In warm weather, please provide sunscreen and a hat for your child.


Comforters and soothers

If your child has a favourite teddy or blanket or a soother that they use on a daily basis these can be brought to the centre to help your child relax for their nap or for them to have on occasion during the day. Please inform your child’s room leader of when your child would usually have their comforter or soother.


Toilet Training

Staff offer support for children and parents during this stage by remaining calm and offering praise as a reward for achievements. To help us and your child, we ask parents to provide at numerous changes of clothes and suitable footwear (e.g. jelly shoes, crocs, etc.) during this stage of your child’s development. 


Babies, Milk and Weaning

In A Place to Grow Raheen there is a dedicated milk kitchen in the Baby Room for special storage of your baby’s milk. Parents bring in prepared formula or breast milk daily, which staff will label and store for your child.  Please talk to the room leader for further details


Meals & Snacks

Both Early Years Centres actively promote healthy eating and lifestyles through our Healthy Eating Policy. Parents are asked to provide snacks that are in line with our healthy eating policy.  There is a morning snack each day and an afternoon snack if your child is pre-booked on a full-time basis. In Raheen children can avail of a hot meal for their dinner that is cooked daily in the FRC kitchen.  You also have the option if you wish to provide a further snack or meal that can be heated by the Early Years staff for your child/children.